Stephanie Khan


stephanie_lgName:  Stephanie Khan-Bohorquez

Age: 36

Occupation: Teacher


Describe your intended birth experience:

I am hoping to push the babies out with support of my doula, husband and ob-gyn. I would like the opportunity to do this as it seems that a lot of twin pregnancies are C-sections. I would like to not go that route.


What are you most fearful about prior to giving birth?

The pain during birthing and if I’ll be able to handle it. To get induced! I heard that’s tough. And once we have two babies in our lives…. What to do??!


What is your favourite technique (breath work, mantra, positioning etc.) that you plan to use during your birthing experience?

I think all of the above! And an epidural!


What does the phrase “cascade of intervention” mean to you as it relates to child birthing?

Not sure!


If you could change one feeling during your pregnancy what would that feeling be?

Fear! I couldn’t believe it when I was pregnant. For me, because I have endometriosis it was so hard to get pregnant. Complete disbelief — then I was waiting for the three months to finish. I didn’t want people to know that we were  expecting because I thought something bad would happen.


How would you re-frame that feeling?  How would you allow it to be?

I would have more faith, and be grateful and happy — this takes courage.


What surprised you about your pregnancy?

How my body knew what to do!


What do you most love about being pregnant?

It’s just such a special time…. That I’m finally here — I did it.


Share one thing you discovered about yourself during your pregnancy:

That I’m stronger than I thought I was. That even though it was very challenging to get pregnant,  my body is amazing and knows what to do!


Describe the feeling just after you found out you were pregnant:

Shock! Disbelief.


How has becoming pregnant changed your perception of this life?

Finally getting pregnant was a miracle. So I truly believe that there is a higher power working… My faith has gotten stronger.


If you could share a single love message with a women getting ready to birth her baby, what would that message be?:

I think that I’d tell them not to be scared and that people are there to support you and that our bodies know what to do… It will be ok.


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