Samiya Jawed

Early Childhood Educator


Your Name:  Samiya

Age: 35

Occupation: Early Childhood Educator


Describe your birth experience in under 100 words (tough I know):

When I think of my birth experience I think of excitement,joy along with fear of the unknown.  Both my pregnancies went smooth with a few bumps towards the very end.  With my first I experienced strong waves and the labor was super long.  My second child would have been born at home had I not gone to the hospital to get checked for pain.  They both arrived at 37 weeks and the hospital staff along with my midwife respected my birthing plan and how I wanted things to happen after the baby arrives.

I’m birthing experience was positive and the most beautiful thing I have ever done in my life.

I am a Maven Warrior!!


What is one thing you discovered during your Birthing experience (s) about yourself:

I came to realize the I my body know best and I must learn to trust it.  My baby will come when he’s ready.  I learnt about my strengths and the power of believing that I can do this on my own.  What were you most fear-FULL about prior to giving birth?:  I couldn’t imagine what the waves would feel like.  It was the fear of the unknown.


If you could change one feeling during your birth experience(s) what would that feeling be?

Feeling rushed because with both my babies I had to run to the hospital.


How would you re-frame that feeling?  How would you allow it to be?:

I would love a home birth!! I think if I can delete running to the hospital from my birthing experience I would be very content.


What was your favourite technique (breath work, mantra, positioning etc.) during your birth experience (s)?:

I kept my focus on deep breathing through the waves and kept my eye on my prize 😉


Did you have any food cravings during your pregnancy:?

I enjoyed eating fruits and couldn’t stand the sight me onions and red meat.


What surprised you about your birthing experience (s)?:

The birth of my placenta. I had no idea it was a birth on its own.


Describe the feeling just after birthing your baby(ies)?:

I felt like the time had stopped around me and it was just me and the baby.  I was calm, content and felt complete.


What do you most love about giving birth?:

The urge to push the baby out and go with the flow of my body and baby.  I was in control and knew that only I can bring this baby into this world.  I believed in myself and in my baby.


What does the phrase “cascade of intervention” mean to you as it relates to child birthing?:

I personally feel that our medical system offers a lot of treatment to pregnant woman which is performed quickly in order to get the baby out in the shortest time spent by our medical staff.

Mothers  are often overwhelmed and don’t get enough time to think while making these big decisions about their birthing plan and then they are offered many things and don’t have the support to consider them before they make a choice, thus causing intervention after intervention.


If you could share a single love message with a women getting ready to birth her baby, what would that message be?:

Believe in yourself, you are a Maven Warrior!!



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