Erin Treloar

Founder of RAW Beauty Talks, Business Development Treloar Physio

erin_lgName:  Erin Treloar

Age: 30

Occupation: Founder of RAW Beauty Talks, Business Development Treloar Physio


Describe your birthing experience:

Birthing taught me about strength, unconditional love, patience and what it means to be truly raw and vulnerable. My whole world was flipped upside down in the course of a day when we welcomed our 8lb 10oz boy into the world. Birthing was hard, messy, loud, beautiful, and a lesson in letting go and surrendering. It was life changing. Nothing like you see in the movies. So much more in so many different ways for both me and my husband. I cried, swore, sweated, wanted to give up—but dug in time and time again for hours until he arrived. With the help of my husband, doula, midwife, two nurses and some nitrous oxide (well a lot actually), James came into the world eyes wide open. He was literally looking around the room as he came out. He instantly made the world a whole lot brighter.


What were you most fearful about prior to giving birth?

I was really anxious about the pain.


What was your favourite technique during your birth experience?

When we met with Georgia, our doula, to go through our birth mapping exercise, I remember telling her that I didn’t think I would make too much noise while I was birthing. I wanted it to be neat and tidy and under control (yes, I’m a slight perfectionist). I was so wrong. I think I was probably the loudest birthing woman they had ever heard at the hospital. I groaned through every single contraction.

Breath work really helped me stay focused and calm through the contractions. I was in the zone for over 9 hours and never would have made it through without a deep connection to my breath. Towards the end I started talking to James and telling him it was time to come out. Basically I just listened to my body and did what felt natural.


What does the phrase “cascade of intervention” mean to you as it relates to child birthing?

The more you intervene with the process the less opportunity your body has to do what it was built for. That being said, I was incredibly grateful to give birth in a hospital and a country where I felt like I would be safe no matter what happened.


If you could change one feeling during your birth experience what would that feeling be?

I honestly wouldn’t change anything!  It was real, raw, and changed me forever.


What surprised you about your birthing experience?

How incredibly my husband handled it all. How sharing that experience fused us together.  That I made it through without an epidural… I was sure I would need one.


What do you most love about giving birth?

The prize at the end — a perfect little soul. The connection to your body, your family, your team. The feeling that something greater than you is at work.


Share one thing you discovered about yourself during your birthing experience:

I’m WAY stronger than I thought I was! I’ve never felt more badass than I did during and after birthing.


Describe the feeling just after birthing your baby:

Total awe.


How has birthing a baby changed your perception of this life?

It’s changed everything. My priorities have completely shifted and I feel much more vulnerable, in a way. More mortal, if that makes any sense? My time feels more precious so I do everything more thoughtfully. I want to be present in the moment so it doesn’t pass by too quickly. Everything comes a far second to my family, which is somewhat strange to me as I had quite a love affair with my work before James arrived.


If you could share a single love message with a woman getting ready to birth her baby, what would that message be?:

You are a warrior. Birthing is designed to help you access the strength you need to be a mom. It will show you your power. It doesn’t matter how your birth story unfolds (natural, epidural, cesarian) you will come out with a bigger heart.


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