Christie Hughes

Holistic Body Worker

christie_lgName: Christie Hughes

Age: 40

Occupation: Holistic Body Worker


Describe your birthing experiences:

My first birthing was a Spiritual Experience! My partner and I lived in a cozy basement suite which seemed like a perfect birthing den. We were prepared to go to hospital if needed but I hoped to be home. It was a long slow journey inward. The openings seemed to come quickly at first which scared me but as I settled in everything became instinctual. When the openings started to feel too intense I would get in the bath and everything would slow to what I could manage. Finally came the transition and the thought “I can’t do this”. Thankfully, my Birthing From Within classes prepared me for this thought and the next thought was “you are already doing it”.  A couple of intense pushes and he was here! Best moment of my life.

Second birthing: Came on fast and intense. I was walking and swearing through openings. I found it difficult to go inward for this birth. When the midwives arrived I was on my hands and knees through openings and then lying on the hallway floor making jokes, and already 9cm dilated! I didn’t think I was going to make it through this one but we did and it was glorious.


What were you most fearful about prior to giving birth?


What was your favourite technique during your birth experiences?

During the first birth, I was rolling on a toning ball and moaning soothingly, or floating in the bath.

For the second birth, I started with walking, and swearing. Then I was on hands and knees. I affirmed to myself the goodness of the openings as they came.


What does the phrase “cascade of intervention” mean to you as it relates to child birthing?

I believe when we are empowered and surrounded with a supportive community of women there is less need for intervention.


If you could change one feeling during your birth experiences what would that feeling be?

I would fear less.


How would you re-frame that feeling?  How would you allow it to be?

I would love myself.


What surprised you about your birthing experiences?

That I did it and how much I loved it.


What do you most love about giving birth?

The moment where you face death and a life begins.


Share one thing you discovered about yourself during your birthing experiences:

How powerful I am.


Describe the feeling just after birthing your babies:

Relieved, overjoyed and amazed.


How has birthing a baby changed your perception of this life?

This life is not about me.


If you could share a single love message with a woman getting ready to birth her baby, what would that message be?

You were built for this, and the Great Mother is with you the whole way.


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