Chloe Gow Jarett

Leadership Coach


Name:  Chloe Gow-Jarrett

Age: 37

Occupation: Leadership Coach


Describe your birthing experiences:

My first son Beckett,  was born via C-section after 27 hours of birthing and a bunch of interventions that I hadn’t planned to accept, but that felt correct in the moment. No regrets.

With my second pregnancy, I was committed to a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) at home. I mentally and energetically prepared myself far more than I did during my first pregnancy. Archer was born at home in 3 hours and 45 minutes. I trusted myself, my body, and my support team. Archer’s birth was the single most empowering experience of my life thus far.


What were you most fearful about prior to giving birth?

The pain. The noises I would make. The fluids that would come out of me from all the different places.


What was your favourite technique during your birth experiences?

Lots of low moaning and hip movements while leaning on the counter.


What does the phrase “cascade of intervention” mean to you as it relates to child birthing?

I’ve never heard this term before but I see it directly relating to my first birthing experience.  The minute we stepped into the hospital I was offered various forms of intervention and after agreeing to one, the interventions continued, culminating in a C-section. While I have no regrets, it was easy to decide upon a home birth after experiencing the slippery slope of intervention.


If you could change one feeling during your birth experiences what would that feeling be?

During my first birth experience I would change the feeling of needing to have everyone around and involved. It was distracting and I was unable to look within to ask myself what I needed.

During my second birth experience I would change nothing.  


How would you re-frame that feeling?  How would you allow it to be?:

I don’t think I need to. In my second birth experience, I was able to make choices, to ask for what I needed from others based on what I needed for myself.


What surprised you about your birthing experiences?

I was very surprised with how simple and lovely birthing a baby at home was. I loved taking a shower in my own bathroom right after and snuggling our brand new baby in our own bed. I loved the care that our midwives took and the love that our doula showed for our newborn baby.


What do you most love about giving birth?

Meeting the tiny soul that just entered the world.  Hello!


Share one thing you discovered about yourself during your birthing experiences:

During my second birthing experience, I discovered the power of trusting myself.


Describe the feeling just after birthing your babies:

The C-section birth: a feeling of confusion about what was happening, exhaustion, exhilaration, being overwhelmed.

The home VBAC birth: power, exhilaration, pride, love, shakiness.


How has birthing a baby changed your perception of this life?

It is very clear to me that all of my choices create a legacy that I am leaving for my children. This adds depth and intention to how I choose to live my life.


If you could share a single love message with a woman getting ready to birth her baby, what would that message be?

Let your intuition lead.


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